The ORIGINAL Oregon Bedroll

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A bedroll is different from a sleeping bag, if you’ve got a bedroll, no matter what you’re going to be able to find a place to sleep.  Perfect for cross country motorcyclists even if they plan on staying in hotels, flying in the belly of a C17, visiting people, working 48 hours straight at the office for a deadline, excellent for anyone on the go who just might have to find a place to sleep.

Self-inflating Original Oregon Bedrolls are designed and built like American products should be, to last a lifetime, using the best of Made-in-USA materials with no compromises.

A common question is what’s the difference between the SuperPolyDuck and the Boatshrunk Cotton Marine Duck? The  Boatshrunk Cotton Marine Duck is an old school material that’s been around for hundreds of years, it’s what we originally designed the bedroll with. It’s a great tough canvas type material, like a higher threadcount Carhartt material that works great for lying in the dirt. The SuperPolyDuck comes in black or tan and is a modern Cordura type material, super tough, that might have a slight superiority for earth contact, not much, but worth mentioning. The thick old-school Boatshrunk Cotton Marine Duck costs quite a bit more and is reflected in the price.

A high quality Therm-a-Rest fits inside our Original Oregon Bedroll. Slide the mat in, zip it up, and your done. Your Therm-a-Rest should be broken in by leaving it over inflated overnight, then it’s just a matter of opening the valve, let it inflate for 20 minutes, add a breath or two to dial in the firmness and you’re ready for a good night’s rest.

From the best American and Effort Permacore thread and top-of-the-line custom zippers from Lenzip in Chicago to the beautiful Weaver Leather from Texas and the WeatherMate Marine Boatshrunk cotton duck the materials alone earn the designation finest bedroll in the planet.

If you are purchasing without the mattress, the self-inflating mat you will need is Therm-a-Rest’s large size (25″ x 77″) Basecamp model, widely available in large sporting goods stores and on-line for $79.95. We’ve produced a simple video to show you how easy it is to install yourself.

Link to our YouTube video showing how to install your mattress.

Link Basecamp model Therm-a-Rest at $59.98 with free shipping, best deal!

The Original Oregon Bedroll is manufactured by inmates of Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton Oregon in a very good work/skills program. The inmates who work on Oregon Bedrolls demonstrate the highest craftsmanship in every Original Oregon Bedroll. These guys care about the quality of the product, and it really shows.

Both Marine Canvases we use are Durable Weather Resistant coated beyond their natural ability to repel moisture.

The Original Oregon Bedroll is the bedroll grandkids will find in attics years from now, it’s quality is second to nothing. It may outlast the bikes it’s strapped on.


With this set-up, if it’s a warm summer night you don’t need anything else, perhaps just a sheet and you are ready to roll. However, if you are going to be sleeping on ice, put the best sleeping bag you can afford inside and roll the whole mess up together.

Lifetime warranty against manufactures or material defects. You pay to ship it back, we’ll fix it and pay to ship it back. Free quotes for quick repairs if you damaged it. More info on the Use and Care page.

Additional bedrolls purchased together ship free in the same shipment. Buying multiple bedrolls in 1 order for friends saves $22 per additional bedroll with our ‘free’ shipping offer.

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