Prison Manufacturing

Our Original Oregon Bedrolls are manufactured by inmates of the EOCI, Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton Oregon.

This excellent work skills program does more than teach inmates how to run industrial equipment, it teaches them skills to be good employees, being on time,  interpersonal workplace skills,  communication skills, professionalism as well as reinforcing pride in accomplishment.

We searched the entire west coast for appropriate manufacturing. Quality of the workmanship was paramount, and we chose the prison in Pendleton.

The facility is modern, professional, well run, well lit, organized, spacious and expansive with well over 100 workstations.

The inmates and their boss Rick ‘get it’ that their mission is to build the finest bedroll on the planet.  The exceptionally high quality level of the workmanship can’t be duplicated offshore, I’m sure of it. The program at EOCI in Pendleton has been a huge asset to Oregon Bedroll.

Inmates are compensated, but the bulk of their pay is withheld and applied towards restitution of victims, taxes, family support or goes to pay back the state for incarceration costs.

The inmates I have met who work on the Oregon Bedroll have been capable, businesslike, motivated, and generally excited to show off how high quality of work they can do.

Oregon Bedroll is proud to be associated with this fine program.

To be clear, Oregon Bedroll is an independent business, located 300 miles away in the wet half of the state and we use the prison to design and manufacture our products. Your credit card info does not go to the prison, but is processed in our home office in Lebanon Oregon. No offense to the inmates or prison system intended.

If you have a product you are interested having manufactured at the prison, and it’s not a self-inflating bedroll, email me and I’ll be happy to connect you to the right person at the corporation that manages the program.

Patrick Juell