Oregon Bedroll’s Test Drive Station

When we were testing prototypes, we had a bedroll with the Therm-a-Rest ™ mattress out by the Willamette River that runs through the valley here in Oregon, dropped it in the rocks and gave it a try, everybody was so impressed with the bedroll doing the impossible, making lumpy river rocks comfortable.

The idea was born. The test drive station you see is filled with rocks from the same river and give potential customers a chance to see how impressively the bedroll works in a worse-case location.


There is no trick or special arrangement of rocks, it’s just the amazing performance of the Therm-a-Rest air mattress inside which gets a little help from Oregon Bedroll’s heavy fabrics wrapping it.


Our test drive station is in our factory showroom and home offices in historic downtown Lebanon Oregon, we invite everyone who can stop by to come take a test drive and see why this is the finest bedroll on the planet.