What’s a bedroll?

What is a bedroll? If it’s meant to drop on the bare earth and you sleep in or on it and if it rolls up to be easily hauled, sounds like a bedroll to me. They’ve been around since the first guy decided to roll up his bedding and take it as he plodded to his next evening’s camp.

Bedrolls are different from sleeping bags in that you typically stay more dressed in a bedroll. You can sleep on ice in a bedroll with no sleeping bag inside by keeping your leathers on. You don’t have to have the perfect sleeping bag rolled up inside incase of cold weather, you’ve got quite a bit of thermal protection in what you are wearing.

A bedroll is self contained waterproof protection from the elements, no tent necessary. Of course if you do have to spend a night in the rain, it is more pleasant to have your bedroll in a dry tent, but not required.

The old west is famous for bedrolls, tough tan or natural canvas, with flannel or wool blanket inside, a bit of padding and another canvas flap over the top. Rolls up tight to be easy to pack. The key word being pack, as in being mobile,  your bedroll with you.

Our Original Oregon Bedroll was designed from it’s inception to be the best a bedroll can be here in the new millenium, to be more comfortable and compact than conventional cowboy style bedrolls. Ours was designed from a motorcyclist’s perspective with special features such as 4 exterior D-rings, available in black and traditional tan, interior pocket, interior bag, keyring holder and highest quality Made-in-USA materials available cost be damned.
Like all bedrolls you pack it for the conditions you are going in, how and where you might be sleeping.

Inside:  Without our Zip-On Drizzle Cover our bedroll is a comfy resting pad with a built-in air mattress, great for in a tent, crashing inside on somebody floor, napping in the belly of a cargo plane (guys are doing it), or anywhere inside. Drop your sleeping bag on top of the bedroll, for a good nights sleep.

Warm Summer outside:  Attach our Zip-On Drizzle Cover and put a thin ‘twin’ size blanket inside  will yield a nice generous fit and 1 season warmth, summer.  Most heat loss is downwards, the thin Waterproof Breathable Drizzle Cover traps heat and lets condensation out. If there is dew or drizzle in the morning, you’re protected, throw the generous flap over your head and hide.

Cold temperatures:  With the Drizzle Cover attached put the most appropriate sleeping bag inside. From a thin fleece $9 Walmart ‘sleeping bag shaped envelope’ to the best sub-zero mummy bag from REI, you pack the bedroll with your bedding suited to conditions you expect.

Classic picture worth a 1000 words situation:

girl in bedroll