Military Sales

Quote from the Lt. Col. who purchased a batch of Original Oregon Bedrolls for his men and women:

“All reports on the bags from my guys are THEY LOVE THEM. Nothing negative. You have a winner.”  from email 7/2011

March 2012- We have been struggling to meet our modest demand for Original Oregon Bedrolls sewn by inmates of Eastern Oregon Correctional Facility in Pendleton Oregon. It’s too much to ask of the few highest skilled inmates to fill  large orders in addition to our typical volume.

The good news is, the Wyoming prison needs work and seems eager to work with and leverage Pendleton’s in depth knowledge and produce large batches for military sales. Wyoming has 20 times as many inmates who have the skill level and is eager to do large orders of 250 to 500 in a short time period. And within the P.I.E. Agreement, Wyoming cannot produce bedrolls for individual sales, but can manufacture bedrolls for federal use including military.

-Patrick Juell GM, Oregon Bedroll, Inc.

We also offer significant discounts on bedrolls by the pallet,  60 Original Oregon Bedrolls for your company, battalion, brigade or regiment, packed efficiently on one 48″  x 40″ standard pallet.

Bedrolls by the pallet for quantities from 60 to 6000 or more contact General Manager Patrick Juell,