Pre-Order Program Details

Our Guaranteed Pre-Order Program has been very effective in delivering our high quality Original Oregon Bedrolls to our great customers as quickly as possible. The Pre-Order program is now closed and will likely not be offered again.

There are only a handfull of inmates that demonstrate the highest quality workmanship and are cleared to sew Original Oregon Bedrolls. Most guys can sew jeans, but to make the beautiful stitches these guys make on the finest bedroll on the planet takes the best they’ve got.

As always, first purchased, first shipped. At any time up until the day your bedroll ships, you may ask for a full refund for any reason.

We also guarantee that this is the best price on an Original Oregon Bedroll until after Xmas.

Shipping date is an estimate, there are many factors that can delay shipments, we’ll keep you updated if your delivery date slips.

We appreciate our Pre-Order customers very much, the significant discount from our in stock price of $399 for black and $479 for tan reflects our thanks.

Patrick Juell
Oregon Bedroll, Inc.