Designated Decoy Organization

Oregon Bedroll is happy to host Designated Decoy on our website.

Designated Decoy is a group of motorcyclists with attention getting bikes, who agree to not drink or do drugs while on their motorcycle wearing the Designated Decoy license plate frame.

It is a voluntary group, with no enforcement other than the member’s words.

The name Designated Decoy is from an old bar hopping joke. A police officer is waiting outside a bar at closing time watching a dozen motorcycles in the parking lot. the bar closes and the bikers stream outside, followed by one last biker staggering out and falling. While the other bikes start up and ride off, the last rider is struggling to get on his bike and get it started. After about 10 minutes he get’s it started and pulls on the the street where the officer immediately pulls him over.

“Have you been drinking sir?” the officer asks.

“No, not a drop” the biker says clear as a bell. The cop snaps back “I saw you stagger out of the bar, obviously intoxicated.”

“Oh that” the biker replies “Tonight I’m theĀ  designated decoy.”

So goes the old joke that inspired the name of our group: Designated Decoys

We will be offering a low cost lifetime membership and nice license plate frame at cost to members. To be clear it will not technically not-for-profit, but the price will be at cost, and no profit will be generated.

We only want members who are sincere, and absolutely agree to not drink or do drugs while bar hopping on the bike wearing the plate.

We are particularily interested in new members who currently do bar hop and drink, guys with multiple bikes who can designate a bar hopper bike, and do the sober thing bar hopping on that bike.

When asked why you’re not drinking: “I’m the designated decoy”.

Check back here in the coming weeks, we should have memberships available mid summer.

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